What is Fairfield County USBC?

USBC is the national governing body of
bowling as recognized by the USBC, United States Olympic Committee. It is a membership organization that provides standardized rules, regulation and Benefits to make bowling fair and fun for everyone.

The Fairfield County USBC is a membership association chartered by USBC , as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, to administer bowling for adults

and youth in Fairfield County. It is governed by its sanc­ tioned members through an Annual Meeting open
to all Members.

The Members at their meetings have adopted by-laws and elected Officers and a Board of Directors that act in their behalf. The Board through its members and staff is responsible to continue the purposes
of the USBC by assisting with the establishment of leagues, sanctioning members and inspecting bowling centers to insure the proper equipment and operating procedures are available for its

sanctioned members.
The Board has hired an Association Manager who is responsible for much of the administrative duties. The members of the Board assist leagues and members with the interpretation of rules and the

guidelines that make bowling competition fair and fun.
It takes its message to its Members and the public through a web-site, www.fcusbc.org, e-mail blasts, mailings and several publications. One of its responsibilities is to gather the final averages of all its adult and youth Members and make them available through the publication of an annual Yearbook and

Individual High Score booklet. Averages are also available on its web-site.
Organized leagues present an opportunity for bowlers to improve their skills and compete with other bowlers for awards and prizes. The Association also offers an active awards program that recognizes

individual achievements by all its bowlers regardless of their level of skill and average.
The Board is also responsible for administering several tournaments through the year. Tournaments give Members a chance to meet with bowlers from other leagues and compete for awards and prizes.

The many tournaments that are available are described later in this Yearbook.
Through its All Star teams and its Hall of Fame, the Association recognizes outstanding achievements

and years of meritorious service.
An important responsibility of the Association regards its youth bowling program. By mandate of the USBC, twenty-percent of the Board Members come from the coaches and helpers that work with the young bowlers. Although league play, instruction and competition help make bowling fun, the Association with the help of the proprietor of Buddies Pro Shop at Nutmeg Bowl has developed an outstanding scholarship program for our youth.