2016-2017 FCUSBC Committees

Annual Meeting/Officers Doubles Tournament

Purpose:  Plan/Organize the location, amenities, advertising, and agenda for the meeting.

Committee Members: Kelly LaValle (Chair), Carol Avery, Suzan Kalloz, John LaValle

Awards Dinner Dance

Purpose:  Solicit and present locations for the annual awards dinner and plan/organize the event.

Committee Members: Kim Higgins (Chair), Gary Stoni, Tom Hartlett, John LaValle


Purpose: Responsible for submitting budget to the board, review/monitor income expenses, and present fiscal reports to the board.

Committee Members: Matt Favreau (Chair), Rish Weglinski, Kelly LaValle

Financial Audit

Purpose:  Meet quarterly to review/verify monthly bank statements and all income and expenditures and report any discrepancies or questionable expenditures to the board for review.

Committee Members: John Kamenitsky (Chair), Carol Avery, Dan Sciglimpaglia

Financial Audit (EOY Non-Board Members)

Purpose: Responsible for providing an independent audit of all finances related to the association.

Committee Members: TBD

Hall of Fame/Special Awards

Purpose: Responsible for collecting/reviewing all statistics/nominations for Hall of Fame, All Star Teams, and Bowler of the Year.

Committee Members: Tom Hartlett (Chair), Tim Gillick, Kim Higgins, John Kamenitsky

Lane Certification/Dressing

Purpose:  Conduct certification and inspection of all bowling centers within Fairfield County USBC jurisdiction.

Committee Members: Tim Gillick (Chair), Matt Favreau, Susan Kalloz


Purpose:  Review and present before the board all correspondence pertaining to the legal and/or legislative matters from USBC, Fairfield County USBC Leagues, and Association members as well as maintaining all policies and procedures from the board.

Committee Members: Tom Kapitan Sr. (Chair), Rich Weglinski, Kelly LaValle


Purpose:  Reviews and submits proposed changes in eligibility to the board.  Solicits interested/applications for open board positions.  Presents eligible candidates to Annual Meeting.

Committee Members: John LaValle (Chair), Gary Stoni


Purpose: Responsible for certifying and organizing all association tournaments as well as submitting any proposed changes to the rules of any tournament to the board.

Committee Members: Gary Stoni (Chair), Kim Higgins, Kelly LaValle, Carol Avery, Matt Favreau, Susan Kalloz, Tim Gillick, Tiffany Nixon


Purpose: Responsible for reviewing, posting, or providing a method to post any and all Association/board related communication/information to make it available to the members of Fairfield County USBC.

Committee Members: Rob Page (Chair), Dan Sciglimpaglia, Kelly LaValle


Purpose:  To pull all data/photos together for our yearbook and solicit vendors/pricing for printing.

Committee Members: Tom Kapitan Sr. (Chair), Kelly LaValle, Kevin Mola (non-member)


Purpose: Responsible for all youth programs/tournaments in the Association.

Committee Members: Matt Favreau (Chair), Dan Sciglimpaglia, Susan Kalloz, Tiffany Nixon